The registration is done if Your club is not found on the LIST OF REGISTERED CLUBS
Check the list and if Your club is there, but You have forgotten your log-in data (such as USERNAME and PASSWORD), then choose the option LOG-IN
Please, do not re-register Your club if it is already on the list of registered clubs.
The administrator checks and after the registration confirmation (the club’s name with blue background), you can continue with the registration and sign up Your competitors.
Dual registrations will not be accepted.
You can make changes to the following data:
Telephone, e-mail address, club’s name, Your web page’s address, and username and password
The club’s name cannot be changed for technical reasons. If You need this, please contact [ ] by e-mail.
By selecting this option, You can check whether Your club is on the list of registered clubs or not.
For easier finding, You can choose by country or by searching a name or a part of Your club’s name.
You choose this option if you have already registered club, but have forgotten Your log-in data.
Enter the e-mail address You have left on registration and Your data will be sent to the same.
If You don’t know which e-mail address you have left, You can contact [ ] for help.
In order to be able to sign up a competitor for competition, the competitor must be registered.
There are two kinds of registration of competitors:
a) by selecting this option, You will register all Your competitors which will participate on the competition.
b) the registration can be done from the very sign-up where the same option REGISTRATION OF COMPETITORS is.
Registration requires the name and surname of the competitor, date of birth and gender.
Once registered a competitor can later (and for other matches) only be selected from the list of competitors.
You do not have to re-type his/her name every time.
Please enter the exact date of birth of the competitor. The responsibility will be Yours if the data is incorrect!
Age determines the age category in which a competitor can compete.
Possibility of eventual change of competitor's data in case of wrong entry.
Please do not misuse this opportunity!